Getting Started


    npm install react-overlays

    Or with yarn

    yarn add react-overlays


    Components can be imported from the main package or directly like:

    import Dropdown from 'react-overlays/Dropdown';


    React Overlays is a toolkit for creating functional overlays, tooltips, modals, and dropdowns. It is not a UI framework but is meant to be incorporated into frameworks. To make those integrations possible, React Overlays is style-agnostic and does not come with any CSS. You should provide your own styles, and the documentation provides some simple examples for how to do that. For more complex integrations, check out React Bootstrap.

    There are a few places where inline styles are applied, however. They are functionally required and very minimal. Specifically PopperJs injects it's own styles in order to position overlays and dropdowns, and Modal applies overflow: hidden to the document body. These can technically be overridden but it's very unlikely to be required.